Abhinav Garg

My name is Abhinav Garg, and I am currently a student at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. I will be graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Although I have fairly diverse academic interests, I am at present focussing on multi-agent systems and their control. Broadly, my research interests lie primarily in Dynamics and Control, but I keep trying as many different fields as I can because I am of the belief that all Science and Technology is cool, and there isn't enough that one can do.

I started this web-page during the end of sophomore year, driven by my learnings during some cool internships in the past winters and summers. Since then, I have been sort of a hobbyist web developer, this webpage being the prime example.

This webpage summarises my academic and non-academic pursuits. You can find details about the courses that I have taken, the projects I am working (and have worked) on, and the kind of professional experience that I've had. I also (plan to) blog, and hopefully will be able to stay active enough for there to be something useful.

Academics is probably my forte, but I am actively involved in a lot of activities outside of it. I am a language enthusiast (spoken and coded likewise), I play the guitar and sing, and as for sports, I am into running, swimming and squash. I have also held various office posts so far, which have helped me develop skills necessary to work in teams and lead.

If you'd like to reach out, please check the Contact menu, and introduce yourself. Cheers!